The Soufflé of Life

It came to me today that life is a lot like baking a soufflé (I feel like Forrest Gump’s mom ;). I have been graced with (or attracted if you will) all of the ingredients that I need in my life to make something fabulous, but received no recipe. It is up to me to figure out how to organize these ingredients, prepare them, combine them, add the proper amount of heat, get the timing all right and enjoy a divine experience as the result.

Soufflés can be tricky. The blended ingredients that are placed into the oven are not yet a soufflé. Trust has to be placed in the oven that it will work its magic on the mix. Having patience to not peek in the oven before it is ready is one of the most essential actions (or lack of actions) to not sink a soufflé! This is true for life as well. Taoists call it Wu Wei ( 无为 – wúwéi ).

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