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About Us

Established in 2011 by two single moms, Punk Rock Homesteading rolls on as a community-driven platform that offers resources for sustainable living with an old-skool, DIY punk ethos and rebellious twist.

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Empowering revolution

Our unconventional community includes misfits, artists, introverts, weirdos, nerds and other subversives. We embrace uniqueness as we come together to explore sustainable living practices and foster creativity. Join us on the journey towards a more eco-conscious and inclusive lifestyle, transforming the homesteading scene, one recycled mason jar at a time ..

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Our Vision

Ready to kick it up a notch in the world of sustainable living? We’re working hard and redefining our modern existence with an old-skool attitude! Join our rad crew of self-sufficient rebels who are creating an epic community that is rockin’ the mission like nobody else. Let’s show ’em how it’s done, one rebel, one homestead at a time!

Our Mission

We’re here to unleash the green thumbs rebellion! Get ready to rock your sustainable lifestyle by growing your own food, whipping up natural remedies, and giving Mother Earth a high-five. Grow your punk roots while reducing your eco footprint – it’s time to turn up the volume on self-sufficiency and show the world how resistance is fertile!

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