Spawning Rebellion
Growing Empowerment

Join our community-driven platform which cultivates DIY, self-sufficiency, and hardcore organic mischief



Step-by-step guides, podcasts, forums, and online events with community guests to empower individuals in DIY homesteading practices



Promoting self-sufficiency through sustainable practices like growing food, crafting herbal remedies and permaculture projects



Join us in planting the seeds of rebellion and revolutionizing the scene, one recycled mason jar at a time. Vive la révolution!

About Us

Punk Rock Homesteading is a community-driven platform that offers resources for sustainable living with a rebellious twist

The motivation behind starting this was our wanting to cultivate a space where raising food, learning self-sufficiency, and living more sustainably comes with a side of subversive spirits and nonconformist attitudes.

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Our Initiatives

Discover how we make a positive impact through our initiatives and programs

Community Gardens

Working with others to help establish a network of micro-community garden spaces for urban, suburban and rural dwellers to grow their own food locally and foster a sense of community

Contact us if you would like to host a PRHS Community Garden!

Herbal Workshops

Learn how to craft your own herbal remedies and embrace natural medicine practices

Spring Schedule Coming Soon

Ecological Education

Sharing village wisdom through collaborative efforts, educating each other about sustainable living practices

Want to share your expertise? Let us know, and you could be our next guest blogger!

Ready to Join the Rebellion?

Act today, join the discussion, and be part of the movement toward sustainable living with a rebellious twist

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