organic olive castile soap

Organic Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap

Traditional Castile Soap is compromised of 100% olive oil. Since there is no regulation of the term “Castile Soap” an item using that name can contain just about anything. I’ve seen some many modern versions of “Castile Soap” that either contain a simple majority of olive oil in their formula, only just a smidgen of […]

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A Symphony of Community Spirit

This past weekend the ALOF family spent an afternoon at The Symphony. “Night at the Movies” was the theme. We had an absolutely fantastic time! Never a disappointment, we were happy, like many others, to be part of The Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra’s wonderful silent auction by donating items with the goal of raising funds

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A Rave for the Castile!

ALOF’s Tea Tree Scented 100% Olive Oil Castile Liquid Soap is the subject of our Unsolicited Customer Testimonial of the Day! Here it is, as posted on Facebook by Mary Garcia (author of ‘Boo Boo’s New Leg’, click here to check it out!) “This is the best soap I’ve ever used to remove chemicals, stain

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Alep Soap

In the ancient artisan soap making center of Aleppo the sabuncu’s special is traditionally prepared from a combination of olive and bay oils; lovely gifts from trees which have graced Mediterranean region with their bounty for thousands of years. Our Liquid Alep Soap is an homage to this art; containing only pure oils of Organic

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