May 2011

Rose Petal Jam ~ Gül Reçel

More than once when I’ve first introduced folks to Rose Petal Jam they were quite skeptical about trying it. Then, many of them (including my ex-husband) decided they can’t live without a jar of it in the house at all times. This is a favorite item on the typical Mediterranean breakfast table, as well as

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A Symphony of Community Spirit

This past weekend the ALOF family spent an afternoon at The Symphony. “Night at the Movies” was the theme. We had an absolutely fantastic time! Never a disappointment, we were happy, like many others, to be part of The Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra’s wonderful silent auction by donating items with the goal of raising funds

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Red Raspberry For Summer Sun Protection

Raves for Red Raspberry! In March we received an ultra fresh pressed batch of Red Raspberry Seed Oil and not surprisingly it quickly sold out. I’m happy to say that we once again we have in stock now an ultra fresh batch of cold pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil! This bright golden oil is one

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Aphrodite’s Rosy Inspiration

Born in a bubble bath. Aphrodite’s name is derived from the Greek word “aphros” meaning foam from the sea. It is no secret that rose is her blossom! The story of her naming the rose. The tale of how her love, blood and tears created the first red rose bloom itself. This is the stuff

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Certified Organic Frankincense Hydrosol

ULTRA FRESH! Frankincense Carterii Hydrosol – Certified Organic and Artisan Distilled in the USA. Makes a beautiful linen spray and room perfume. Helps promote a calming and spiritual energy in any space. For personal use, author, Suzanne Catty sites Frankincense Hydrosol as quite beneficial for those ailing from infections of the mouth and/or gums; gargle

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Making Herbal Labna Cheese

One from the Archives; many moons ago with my elder son 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and everyone’s mama! Labna is a traditional soft cheese from the Middle East that is made with yogurt. We’ve made our Labna with kefir we cultured ourselves from local raw goat’s milk. Kefir is a cultured

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