Rose Petal Jam ~ Gül Reçel

More than once when I’ve first introduced folks to Rose Petal Jam they were quite skeptical about trying it. Then, many of them (including my ex-husband) decided they can’t live without a jar of it in the house at all times.

This is a favorite item on the typical Mediterranean breakfast table, as well as ours! My young sons insist we always have a jar available. It has become a staple in our household, and we are sure that once you try it, you’ll probably feel the same way.

This delicious jam tastes and smells like Rose Otto (Rose Essential Oil), as it is made from petals hand gathered in the same fields of damascena roses that give us that lovely and precious Essential Oil of Rose and the perfumery oil called Rose Absolute.

It’s normally eaten with Feta Cheese, Olives and fresh baked bread. We also love it on pancakes, waffles, french toast, in cookie recipes, in cake recipes, candies, etc … It can also be used in making savory marinades and sauces. You are limited only by your own epicurean imagination!

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