Vegan Spring Rolls

I made a meal for a special friend, who happens to have a vegan diet. I always love an opportunity to try something new! I love Spring Rolls and so I tried a vegan version for us.

First I sauteed chopped onions, tempeh, extra firm tofu (extra drained) and a variety of mushrooms in coconut oil (refined). While that was cooking the shredded carrots, cabbage, bok choy went down and were added. Garlic, ginger root and mung bean sprouts went into the veggie blend as well.

I mixed both of them together, added tamari and vegan hoisin sauce and cooked on medium heat, covered until the veggies were slightly soft.

These were then rolled in flour spring roll papers. You can put them in egg roll papers if you prefer, or rice spring roll papers, but the texture of the thin, crisp layered flour spring roll is really superior to the alternatives IMHO. This filling can also be used for wonderful lettuce rolls.

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