Sweet Orsa Pink Salt – On Special

As afore mentioned, I am putting the homestead up for sale and need to clear some things out, so I’m offering DEEP DISCOUNTS ON SELECT ITEMS.

We began with Virgin Coconut Oil and Alba Rose Hydrosol. Now we present to you – “Sweet” Orsa Pink Salts

Sweet Orsa “Real” Pink Salt is food grade mineral rock salt from Redmond, Utah; free from additives, preservatives, chemicals, heating, refining, and extensive processing. I love to use this beautiful salt for cooking and in baths.

Available in your choice of:
Ultra Fine Grind or Coarse Grind

Below is a summary of analysis of the mineral content taken over the past several years:
Sodium Avg.
Chloride 98.32%
Calcium .40%
Potassium .12%
Sulfur .11%
Magnesium .10%
Iron .06%
Phosphorus .05%
Iodine .002%
Manganese .0015%
Copper .001%
Zinc .0006%

I have recruited 2 willing helpers to assist me with processing orders, thus ensuring expedited shipping!

Click here to order!

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