Raves for Red Raspberry!

We now have in stock now an ultra fresh batch of cold pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil! This bright golden oil is one amazing item. Not only is it rich in omega fatty acids and tocopherols, making it a fabulous anti-oxidant, it also is low in saturated fats and has been shown to have a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF factor of somewhere between 25 and 50!

Mix that with your Zinc Oxide before you go forth and snowboard and then use it in vinaigrette for your nourishing dinner salad too!

My personal odoriferous observation, in the bottle it does not appear to have any particularly discernible fragrance, but when rubbed on the skin a delightfully light, nutty, fruity quality appears.

All around Red Raspberry Seed Oil is good stuff indeed! And since we have it custom made for us in the USA directly from our Red Raspberry Seed grower, we blow the competition out of the water in quality, price and freshness!

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