I am selling the TX homestead and moving over a thousand miles away towards the Rocky Mountains!

Quite honestly the less I have to lug that far the better – which means that I need to begin clearing out some inventory NOW!! Starting today I am offering a series of DEEP DISCOUNTS ON SELECT ITEMS. Serious quality at serious savings! I figure that by taking this inventory off my hands you are helping me big time, so I’m going to make it well worth it to you! 🙂

We will begin with OUR LOWEST PRICES on 2 especially lovely and heavy items:


Certified Organic Bulgarian Alba Rose Hydrosol

Truly, when it comes to a scent of the heart and drops of pure romance it doesn’t get more precious and few that two can share than this. I LOVE genuine, pure rose hydrosol, and this one just takes the cake (BTW it makes a great cake too!). If I could hoard every drop I would, but I must share – love is in the water! {grinz}


Tahitian Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil

Whomever put the lime in the coconut must have had a nice bit of virgin coconut oil for the infusion! This traditionally pressed Fair Trade oil is delightfully healthy for the whole body, inside and out.

The scent and flavor are outstanding for use in gourmet cooking and crafting. It is also a fabulous ingredient used in artisan luxury soaps.

I have recruited 2 willing helpers to assist me with processing orders, thus ensuring expedited shipping!

Click here to order!

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