Hold The Triclosan, Please

A little over 2 years ago I blogged about the potential dangers of Triclosan’s use in liquid soaps and other household products. Today I’ve once again stumbled across an article that brought it to the forefront of my mind. There are many findings which show it has an overall negative effect when it comes out of the hospital and is used wide scale by the general public. These not so good effects include but are not limited to aiding the development of drug resistant “super bugs” and causing environmental and wildlife damage.

Despite these facts, the usage of Triclosan in products on the mass market level has actually increased by 40% over the past 2 years! Items such as “Anti-bacterial” toiletries, cutting boards with “Microban”, and clothes with “Biofresh” all contain Triclosan; another toxic chemical now ending up in water systems in larger quantities than ever before. Going down the drain does not render it inert or safe.

We at ALOF believe it is unnecessary to add to this issue by using any soaps and other toiletries containing Triclosan. The 100% Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap that we make is the same soap that we use to wash our bodies, our children and our homes every day. Varieties of the soap which contain essential oils such as Tea Tree and Lavender not only smell pleasant but the aromatics are proven to have antiseptic benefits. Cleaning confidently, efficiently and effectively can add a gentle pleasure to life, without creating “superbugs” and poisoning our waters!

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