Hello and Happy Memorial Day!

Hello! Your friendly neighborhood missing A Little Ol’Factory owner and blogger here! I’ve been a bit wrapped up, as many of us have been in this economy, with the reorganization of my personal and business worlds, including moving. I am finally getting settled in and am working on restructuring my offerings and time. I haven’t even made bar soap since last year! How crazy is that for a soap maker?

It is the unofficial start of summer this weekend already! Sheesh! It is time for me to get back to it and put out the fabulous jewels from Mother Nature’s treasure box that A Little Ol’Factory and CZ Luxe offer. Join my Yahoo discussion group Oils-Herbs-Etc and look for exclusive list only limited offers as I carefully re-evaluate my current inventory and offerings of my aromatic endeavors 🙂

And last but certainly not least today: Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all who have served and the families who support them 🙂

CZ Luxe – Believe in Natural Beauty
A Little Ol’Factory – 10 Year Anniversary!

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