Floral Waxes

Always wanted to use real jasmine but thought it was way too expensive? Try the floral wax!

For years this fragrant by-product of the absolute making process was mostly discarded!

Then, not long ago, floral waxes became more widely discovered to be a wonderful resource for fragrancing. Scent wise 1 oz of the floral wax is equivalent to 1/2 oz of the corresponding absolute at an INCREDIBLE saving!

For example – currently 1/2 oz of Tuberose Absolute costs about $170 retail. Meanwhile, 1 oz of tuberose floral wax is currently on sale at my site for $10.

That certainly makes creating a fine soap, candle, cream or solid perfume scented with the lovely natural fragrance of tuberose much more affordable!

Currently we have available and ON SALE – Clary Sage Floral Wax, Helichrysum Everlasting Floral Wax, Jasmine Grandiflorum Floral Wax, Jasmine Sambac Floral Wax, Lavender Floral Wax, Tuberose Floral Wax, Violet Leaf Floral Wax & Wild Chamomile Floral Wax.

Rose Floral Wax, Frangipani Floral Wax & Pink Lotus Blossom Floral Wax all will be coming back into stock this Autumn.

With such precious, natural, exotic aromatics at prices like these why wait any longer to indulge? Click here to experience and enjoy these affordable olfactory delights now! http://alittleolfactory.com/waxes.htm

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