Fair Trade and Fabulous: The Pottery of Mata Ortiz

We all love acquiring beautiful things, especially when they do wonderful things!

CZ Luxe, sister company of A Little Ol’Factory, is very happy to announce one of the newest items in our Artisan Line of ecologically & socially friendly products and packaging: Fair Trade Pottery from Mata Ortiz, Mexico.

Through the sale of their pottery, the inhabitants of Mata Ortiz are slowly transforming their community from one of impoverishment to one of economic stability.

Every stage of production of this pottery is done completely by hand, and each one-of-a-kind piece is purchased directly from the potter. Raw clay and pigment for the pots and paints are collected from the rich deposits found in surrounding hills and valleys. The potter’s hand’s form the pots, the hair of the children is used to make the paint brushes, the firing is done in the back yard with wood and cow dung is used as the fuel.

We are working with a member of the Fair Trade Federation who meets directly with the individual artists, discussing custom orders, buying each one of a kind piece from the artisan, keeping the cost to the consumer reasonable, paying the producer fairly and developing relationships based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect.

Your purchase supports these efforts and furthers the worldwide Fair Trade movement.

This holiday season we will feature these delicate detailed, small, black on black seed pots filled with CZ Luxe Room Perfume . Made with only the finest floral waxes, resins, herbs, barks, essential oils, absolutes & extracts. We NEVER use synthetic fragrances or cheap sawdust bases.

We believe that by crafting with only quality, natural ingredients, we are offering you some of the finest aromatics you’ll ever experience. The same depth, intensity & character is something that we feel cannot truly be obtained with synthetic ingredients and cheap fillers.

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