Days of Barbecued Peach Pie & Cobbler

Here is an old blog post I found that was never published! And yes, once again, tis the season to have pumpkin chai spice soap curing! 🙂


Summer is officially unofficially over. Labor day weekend, that age old line of demarcation signifying that yet another summer has come to an end and wearing of white has passed with it (which doesn’t really affect me since I personally rarely wear white any time of the year).

This holiday weekend I was blessed with a wonderful deal on organic peaches that needed to be used immediately (there was a reason they were such a great deal). One could not ask for more juicy sweet peaches to make pie and cobbler with – but my oven died upon arriving home from my holiday away with family (the new oven arrives Saturday – Yay!).

Well I really wanted that pie and cobbler, but the oven broke, so I decided to make them on the barbecue (I’ll have to find the photo). They came out so well that I’ve gained 6 lbs (add that to the weight I gained on holiday with mom feeding me – Oi!). They were the best barbecued pastries I’ve ever had.

With that note marking the end of my summer, I say its time to get ready for the holidays, darlings! Today I’m making my annual batch of our most popular seasonal favorite – Organic Pumpkin Chai Spice Soap which should be ready to go for the true arrival of Autumn! 🙂

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