Choosing a Chinese name

I’m writing this blog while burning a candle scented with lovely 木薑子 Litsea cubeba (May Chang). Not only am I setting atmosphere, but I’m cleaning the air, literally!

I have been taking Mandarin Chinese classes for several weeks now and I have decided to choose a Chinese name. That isn’t as easy as it sounds. While there are relatively few surnames in Chinese compared to English, given names are usually quite unique and carefully chosen in Chinese culture.

For the most part, names are chosen to correspond with things like astrology as well as characteristics a parent hopes for their child to have (such as beauty in a girl or strength in a boy). But (and this is a big but) it is rather important to ask a Chinese speaking person if the name you are choosing works properly in Chinese! For example, you may not want to name your daughter a fox as fox spirits in Chinese are synonymous with beautiful women who suck men dry of life energy and money! LOL

There is a pretty good squiddo article on choosing a Chinese name:

At first I was considering some names that would apply to characteristics I have, but after chatting with an old friend about this, I decided to take a name with personal characteristics I am working on developing and bringing into my life.

Hence, I have chosen the name 水静心 Shuǐ Jìng Xīn

再见 Zàijiàn

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